Get your home, cafe, and restaurant sparkling clean with premium Cleaning materials from Food ‘N’ Paks. 

Our online store offers a wide selection of Garbage Bin bags, cleaning solutions, Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals, Personal Hygienic Products, Toilet tissues, Wipes & sponge buckets, and more.

What is Dishwashing Liquid?

Dishwashing liquid is an essential cleaning product for any household. Whether you need an option for everyday use or a powerful formula for tackling baked-on messes, a quality dishwashing liquid can make quick work of grease and grime on dishes, pots, pans and more. 

Look for formulas that are water-soluble and contain grease-cutting ingredients to effectively dissolve and wash away food residues. Foodnpaks offer organic dishwashing liquids in various scents and formulas – antibacterial and degreasing varieties ideal for heavily soiled cookware all over Australia.

For sparkling clean dishes, cutlery, glasses and more, keep a bottle of trusted dishwashing liquid stocked by the kitchen sink. 

With the right dishwashing liquid in your cleaning arsenal, you can quickly wash away messes on dinnerware and cookware to maintain a clean, hygienic kitchen.

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Keep your floors spotless with our eco-friendly hardwood floor cleaners, powerful disinfectants, and scented multi-surface cleaners.We also carry food Sanitiser liquid, Window Cleaner Liquid, Speedy Floor Cleaner, Machine glass Cleaner, HD Spray & Wipe, Hand Sanitizer Gel, Food Sanitiser Liquid etc.

Stock up on bulk options like paper towels, sponges, trash bags and cleaning wipes for savings. Get free shipping on orders over $49. 

Our everyday cleaning materials low prices and bulk options help you save on all your cleaning needs. Keep your home, cafe, or restaurant spotless throughout the year with our unmatched selection of cleaning supplies and accessories. 

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