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Eco-Friendly Disposable Cups & Lids

Are you searching for eco-friendly and compostable cups online to meet the needs of your cafe, fast food restaurant, home delivery service, office, school, event, or festival?

You are in the right place. Traditional ‘disposable cups’ are typically made from conventional plastic derived from fossil fuels. At FoodnPaks, we take pride in being a leading supplier of sustainable food and beverage packaging to your specific requirements.

Our environmentally conscious cup solutions include hot paper cups, takeaway 2 Cup Trays, takeaway 4 Cup Trays, cold drink cups, coffee cups, cold cups, coffee cup lids, cold cup lids, cup trays, sleeves, and more.

We ensure that all our cups adhere to the rigorous Australian Standards AS4736 for industrial compostability certification.

Compostable Cups You Can Trust

Our cups are crafted using a unique water-based dispersion coating and are certified to meet the AS5810 home compostable standards.

Unlike traditional coatings, our coating is printed using water-based ink that gets absorbed into the paper fibres, eliminating the need for an additional layer on top.

This efficient design not only reduces material usage but also delivers the same level of leak and grease resistance as other coatings.

Cup Lids, Trays & Sleeves for Every Need

FoodnPaks also provides an array of lids, trays & Sleeves that perfectly complement our eco-friendly cups.

This eco-friendly lining offers a sustainable alternative to regular paper cups, which often feature plastic linings derived from fossil fuels.

To complement our eco-friendly cups, FoodnPaks also offers a diverse range of lids, trays, and sleeves. Our eco-friendly lining provides a sustainable alternative to regular paper cups, which often feature plastic linings derived from fossil fuels.

Make a Sustainable Choice

Make a sustainable choice for your business or event with FoodnPaks’ range of disposable cups and lids.

Our commitment to quality, eco-friendliness, and compliance with Australian standards ensures that you can enjoy the convenience of single-use cups without harming the environment.

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